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Meet the K9 Legacy Team

The slip lead is our tool of choice. When we ran into the difficulty of finding a good lead in stores we took it upon ourselves to create our own. Our leads are soft on the skin, easy to wash and extremely durabe. All our materials are sourced and made in the U.S.A.  I personally hand make each leash to order.

Kelly Archer

The Jack that Started it All

It all started with someone walking into the petstore that I was working at. They had found a jack russell wandering the street and needed to drop him with someone because they had an aggressive dog at home. I happily took him and loved him for 2 weeks. No one claimed him...then I got that call. He was their dog and I was devastated. I took him to his owner, a very nice man with 2 boys. I was teary eyed and they were so thankful, they had been out of town and the sitter let him escape. The boys went into a back room and came out with a box.... the box was filled with a litter of 1 day old puppies. They let me pick one out and 8 weeks later I had my very first JRT named Jack Jr. after his dad. JJ was my everything. He was with me through my younger years, a lot of moves, relationships and was then the ring bearer at my wedding, and the guardian of my twins. He taught me so much about what a dog was capable of. He was so fun to train and after his passing I knew Jacks were my breed. Now I have 3 and the training journey continues!


After growing up around ranches, dogs,  horses and cats I began my first official job as an in home pet sitter. From there I transitioned into grooming and ran my own mobile grooming business for 10 years. After having twins I retired from grooming and now work from home as a business manager. I have 3 Jack Russell siblings all under the age of 3( at the moment ) which require daily training. I feel so fortunate to have met Maria. She introduced me to the positive side of dog training methods and I have been hooked ever since. We constantly look into different methods to attain as much knowledge as possible to help all our clients with their unique situations.

Maria has a deep passion and love for dogs. That passion extends to her continuous drive to learn all different aspects of training from some of the top trainers of the world. She believes  this cumulative knowledge helps her to approach and tailor effective training techniques to all different types of dogs and clients. After training her service dog Oliver, she became especially intrigued with training service dogs for medical needs. Her calm, assertive energy guides both the dog and owner to a better understanding of each other.

With Marias guidance and consistency, these dogs can experience a positive social outing. They go home happy and both mentally and physically fulfilled!

Maria Del Mauro

Maria is proud to be part of the Pawsitive Change program team!

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